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to the Military Officer club

We serve a lot of different local goods! In our food you can sense both the tradition of the Military Officer Club and the taste preferences of our Heads of State. Our menu tells thousands of stories and is made from the very beginning using locally produced raw materials. Our list includes fresh food and unforgettable taste sensations as well as specialties that are rarely found elsewhere. Excellent food is complemented by our high quality wine and beverage range. Please, check out the lists and make a reservation on this page! 

Menu Military Officer Club

You can feel hundreds of stories and people in our dining room.


Tartar Beef, high quality meat from Innala farm
Tarragon Carrots Sorbee

My Regiment!
Beef fillet from Innala farm, fried goose liver and red wine sauce

House Cheese Plate
Two cheeses and jam

Mannerheim and the last woman
Chocolate fondant, strawberries and vanilla sprouts

Menu 59,00 €. 
Menu with wines 89,00 €

Tartar Menu by General and Countess

General Adolf Ehrnrooth and his wife used to spend time together on Saturdays.

The infantry general was strict with the use of alcohol and never got drunk, so one more bottle of beer could be divided and enjoyed at the end of the meal.

 Tartar beef with egg yolk and rye bread

Chilled cold aquavit, with food and cold domestic beer. 

19,00 € 

Menu Majewski 

Major Karl Arnold Woldemar Majewski was a well-known, colorful personality with many anecdotes.

Pies and butter, flavored with aniseed

Beef fillet, red wine sauce and lingonberry jam


€ 39,00


Borch-soup L,G

9,00 €

Zakuska Plate for two L,G

Lightly salted salmon and crayfish, smoked whitefish and roach, vendace roe, sour cream, marinated red onion, salad and pickles

19,00 €

Alfons Sunblands dahlias L,G

Crayfish- or goat cheese salad

9,80 €

Hannu Hyppönen "faster on skis"!

Toast Skagen á la Officers Club

9,80 €

Not too much thinking and bravely like in the  cavalry!

Scallops and king prawns, chilli, garlic oil, tarragon and pepper

16,00 €

There are many indicators of patience

Snails with pastis

9,80 €

Main courses

Let's save the tiger L,G

Fried perch with melted butter and fresh onion, lemon-potato puree, carrots and beets

24,00 €

And they forgot Handske L,G

Smoked salmon, spinach, roasted beetroot and potato pudding

26,00 €

First the horse, then the man! L,G

Duck Confit, carrot, beetroot and roast potatoes

24,00 €

"My Regiment!" L,G

Fillet from Innala farm, goose liver, red wine sauce

36,00 €

"Commander from Moscow" L,G

Fried vendaces, melted butter and dill, mashed potatoes

26,00 €

The stories of older gentlemen ... L,G

Moose fillet, red wine sauce, lingonberry jam, tarragon, roast carrots

29,00 €

Vegetable Plate L,G

Season fresh vegetables, mushroom sauce and boiled potatoes

19,90 €


"Ready - down from the horses"

Self-made tar-icecream, yellow and red flowers

6,90 €

Bertta Kornamo's regret exercises

Rosé-white chocolate parfait, fresh berries and wafer

9,80 €

"Sell even though the Piano!"

Cherry chocolate cake, cherry jam and warm chocolate sauce

11,90 €

"Now we lost the windows - Anssi Laakso!"

Pancakes, black pepper-brandy-sorbee, fresh berries and vanilla foam

9,80 €

"O Holy Sylvi" L,G

Meringue, blackberry, raspberry, vanilla

9,80 €

Mannerheim and the last woman L

Warm Chocolate Fondant and strawberries

12,90 €

Menu for Children

For the lovely and dear ones

Main courses

Little Rakuuna's fish delicacy L, G

Smoked salmon with mashed potatoes, vegetables

9,50 €

Härregyyd! L,G

Beef steak, red wine sauce and French fries

12,90 €

Coin-safe choice! L, G

Sausage or meatballs in French fries

7,00 €

Chicken, Fish or Meat Pasta L

You can choose the portion you like. 

In addition, parmesan cheese

7,00 €

In addition, you can order just about any portion of any adult list.

You can also ask the waitress what else would be available. We strive to make the portions you want according to your wishes.


Warrantysafe Sugar rush!

Wonderful warm chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and berries. Chocolate cake with cream and berry.

8,50 €

Oh, my little darling! L, G

Meringue, vanilla sauce and berries. Toffee and strawberry sauce.

6,80 €

Ice cream

Strawberry, chocolate, pistachio, caramel or vanilla.

Caramel, strawberry or chocolate sauce.

4,50 €



Perelada Rosé Brut, Cava, Espanja

7,70 € / 41,00 €

Doppionodo Prosecco DOC Extra Dry

44,00 €


Champagne Delot Legende, Ranska

12,50 € / 73,00€

Champagne Mandois Victor Brut, Ranska

82,00 €

Champagne Deutz Rosé Brut, Ranska

98,00 €


Riesling Terassen, Itävalta

7,90 € / 38,00 €

Grüner Veltliner Terrasen, Itävalta

7,90 € / 38,00 €

Pinot Gris 2016 Vogt, Ranska

43,00 €

Apremont Cuvée Gastronomie 2015, Ranska

38,00 €

Chablis 1 er Cru Fourchaume "Les Vaupulans" 2014 Vrignaud, Ranska



Aix Rose 2016, Ranska

7,90 € / 38,00 €


Vignetti di Ettore Doline 2014, Italia

57,00 €

Xavier 100 % rouge 2012, Ranska

48,00 €

Avia Pervia Primitivo, Italia

49,00 €

Vignetti di Ettore Ripasso Valpolicella Classico Doc, Italia

58,00 €

Châteauneuf-du-Pape rouge Xavier 2012, Ranska

61,00 €

Vigneti di Ettore Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2014, Italia

98,00 €

Gelso Nero Nero di Troia, Italia

58,00 €

Château Angelus 2012, Ranska

419,00 €


Pineto Brachetto d`Acqui DOCG 2016, Italia

6,80 € / 6cl

Trockenbeerenauslese 2015, Itävalta

8,50 € / 6cl

Le Petit Guiraud Sauternes 2013, Ranska

8,90 € / 6cl

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