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The Lappeenranta Officers Club fosters and develops military traditions, especially those units which have been or have been abolished in Lappeenranta, and maintains the cohesion of its members in many different ways.

Officers Club has more than 60 years of experience with its members and supporters. The association maintains the Officers' Club building to serve the members and to respect the military traditions. Officers' Club members are always considered and consider nowadays many festivities together with the Army Academy and other stakeholders.

Lappeenranta club also operates at the Officers' Club.


As a member of the Board, the Board of Directors may approve a Military Officer or a Non Commissioned Officer who serves in The Finnish Defence Forces or Border Card or have retired for military service.

Supporting Members

Supporting members can be persons who serve in the Army Academy of Defense Administrations, as well as the Reserve officers, Non commissioned officers and private crew members.

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