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Suvorov Dinners at Officer Club

Drama with food and drinks 

Service: a programmatic group dinner with stories, music, dinner and a selected beverage package. The narrator of the stories is Timo Hirvonen. Menu by chef Ulla Liukkonen according to the main character's taste habits.

Program, 6 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

  • Bar open from 17:00
  • Introduction to the Officers' Club
  • Welcome Bowl
  • Suvorov story: "Beer and soldiers"
  • Appetizer; Soldier Suvorov's soup
  • Suvorov story: "Eye count, speed, power"
  • Suvoron Band
  • Main course; Deneralissimus Sovorov pot
  • Dessert; Catherine the Great Blueberry Pie
  • Suvorov Band
  • Bar open


  • Program 25,00 € / person
  • Suvorov menu served on tables 47,00 € / person
  • Drinks package 1 (37,00 €/person). Welcome dish, two pours of house white/red wine 12 cl or beer, dessert wine, coffee avec (liqueur/cogncolic).
  • Drinks package 2 (29,00 €/person). Welcome dish, two pours of house white/red wine 12 cl or beer, coffee avec (liqueur/cognco.
  • Drinks package 3 (22,00 €/person). Welcome bowl, two pours of house white/red wine 12 cl or beer.
  • Aquavit 7,00 €
  • The Cavalry's Cup, with the main course 7,00 € is enjoyed together according to the cavalry traditions.

Inquiries: Hannu Hyppönen, Executive Director 040 657 3495.

Availability: for groups, min 20 persons.

Booking: At least two weeks before the desired or 050 555 8040, 050 447 1185.

Take advantage of the benefit of the pre-bookinger. For all pre-orders for 2021 Suvorov dinners -10% discount. Offer valid until 1 October 2021.

Suvorov Canals from Forgetness to Tourism Fortress


  • Suvorov Band
  • Cultural space Gavel Man
  • Suvorovways
  • South Karelia Recreation Area Foundation
  • Lappeenranta Officers' Club

Suvorov's Finland is a five-part short documentary series led by Aleksandr Suvorov in defence of St. Petersburg from fortifications and war channels built in southeastern Finland in the 1790s.

Wine tastings at the Officer Club

Target group: anyone who wants to enjoy wines and good food

Service: presentation of winery and wines, three-course menu and five wines. Bar open from 17:00 to 22:00.

Availability: bookable no later than two weeks before the event.


050 555 8040 or 050 447 1185

Price: 62,50 €/person, includes menu and five wines presented.

Booking fee: 10,00 €/person will be refunded on the invoice. The booking fee will not be refunded.

Partners: We arrange wine tastings with our three partners.

  • Interbrands Wines & Spirits
  • Wine Saimaa, Tuomo Puhakainen
  • VIIVA Pekka Kauppinen

Prices from 82,50 €/person. Includes wines and a menu.

Request a quote for the group (10-20 persons).

Take advantage of the benefit of the pre-bookinger. -10% discount on all pre-orders for wine tastings in 2021. Offer valid until 1 September 2021.