Lappeenranta Officers Club association

The association is responsible for maintaining the club building and the restaurant.

The Board of the Lappeenranta Officers Club

Chairman of the Board, and Vice Chairman of the Board Hannes Ruokokoski

Members of the Board: Erkki Heinilä, Heikki Hokkanen, Timo Hirvonen, Kaarlo Luotola, Seppo Naapila, Petri Oikarinen and Tero Savonen

CEO Hannu Hyppönen tel. +358 40 657 3495

The magnificent historic building of the club

The facilities of the club are suitable for a variety of needs.

The banquet hall is suitable for lunch, dinner and supper for about 90 people. Overall, the club is suitable for just under two hundred guests.

Lunch and dinner meetings are best suited for Rakuunasali (20) and Lemetti motti (10).

Meetings are best suited for smaller upstairs (10) and bigger (25) meeting rooms. See our meeting services.

For larger events, the ballroom can be booked or one of the ends. See prices for rent.

The club is full of paintings and other works of art and keepsakes related to the military life of Lappeenranta. The artifacts are owned by Uusimaa Rakuunarykmentin Foundation and Uudenmaan Rakuunarykmenti Officers Club and the Lappeenranta Officers Club. Appear to be strongest in the club, of course, the strong history of the Dragon Units.

The ballroom is the finest room in the club. On its wall, the most prestigious spot is the portrayal of Marshall Mannerheim, The Tradition Commander of Dragons. On the left there is the image of Colonel Torsten Stålhandski. On the the right is Colonel Oscar Theodor Schauman, commander of the Rakuunarykment of Finland, who personally supervised the progress of construction work in 1890-1891.

The north end has been named Rakuunapää, according to Dragon units served in Lappeenranta. On the walls, previous commanders' paintings are still guiding today's officers at the Officer Club.

The south end is called the Tykistöpää based on until 1980 the Karelian Artillery Rekiment, based in Lappeenranta and later on Vekaranjärvi. Attention is drawn to the Mannerheim's hunted tiger hoist. Artillery head veteran room preserve the four Mannerheim Cross Knight's potrets.

There are five conference, group work and cabinet rooms (10 to 25 people). There are ready-for use projectors and projection screens. The building has a sound system with handheld and headset microphone and a wireless internet network.

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